React ist eine Open-Source-JavaScript-Bibliothek zur Erstellung von Webanwendungen, die schnell und skalierbar sein sollen. React Native ist ein Open - Source - Framework für die cross - platform - Entwicklung von mobilen Apps für Android und iOS.


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React Tooling ( Online, Visual Studio Code ), React Project Structure,
React JSX and Babel, Styling React Elements, React Components (Class
Components versus Function Components), React and Virtual DOM

Regular Function versus Arrow Function, React Import & Export
Modules, React State, React Props, React Lifecycle, React Events,
MapFunction and other Functions, Array Destructuring

React Tooling with Command Line Interface (CLI) and NodeJS, React
Input, ReactHooks ( useState, useEffect, … )

React Forms, Managing a Component Tree, Integrating CSS, Spread
Operator, React Router, React Frontend with Backend


ReactNative Introduction, Setting up the development environment,
ReactNative Tooling ( Online Tool, Visual Studio Code ), ReactNative
Project Structure, ReactNative Core Components

Create Custom Components, Handling Text Input, Using ScrollViews,
Using List Views, Running On Device, Styling, Layout with Flexbox,
Handling Touches, Naivgating between Screens, Animations,
Adding an Image, Using the Expo Tools and Expo SDK: BarCode –
Scanner, Expo Sensors

Expo-Battery, Expo-Camera, Expo-Localization, Expo-Location,
Expo-av to allow audioplayback, Install Expo-Speech



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